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I've been using a pop-up blocking browser
for so long that I really can't say whether any of
the commercial sites below throw them at you.

As always, browse with care.  The sites themsleves
are safe.  Pop-ups, on the other hand, may not be.

Links will open in a new window.

Internet Application Links:

Tired of having to deal with pop-ups?  How many times have you had to have
spyware/adware removed from your system?  Would you like to get a handle
on all the spam in your inbox?  Well, there's something you can do about it.
The Mozilla Foundation has been developing a pair of applications that can
greatly reduce your exposure to the installation of spyware, adware, and
some types of viruses and worms.

Mozilla Firefox is now in full production release, and it can be safely said that
it is definitely ready for Prime Time!  I've used Firefox since its very early
pre-release days and have found it to be fast, stable, and safe.  Most
importantly, Firefox blocks pop-ups - the most common method used to
install spyware and adware.  Go here to learn more and to download this
great browser.  Oh yeah - it's free!

The Mozilla Foundation has also developed an excellent IMAP/POP3 email
application called Thunderbird.  What's the draw?  T-Bird helps to control
spam by shuffling it off to a Junk folder.  Because spammers are crafty and
sneaky... uh, individuals, spam has become a sort of moving target.  T-Bird
has the ability to learn as it goes, so missed spams are relatively few.  Good
stuff, and it's my mailer of choice.  Want more?  It's free too!  Get it here.

Guitar & Bass Links:

BassesByLeo Main Page
General bass info with a
G&L focus.

BassesByLeo Forum

GuitarsByLeo Forum

Science Links:

California Earthquakes
A clickable map

Mount St, Helens
Volcano Cam

Intellicast SoCal
Weather Radar
You'll need Java here

San Diego and Orange
County Weather
Newsie Links:

News from CNN

National Public Radio

Reuters News Service

Google News

The Straight Dope
Not exactly news...
Leisurely Links:

The DailyWav
Your sound clip fix


Matthias Wandel
Creative Woodworking

Alton Brown
Fun food stuffs

Please let me know if any of these links don't work.


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